4 Tips To Help You Repair Your Roof For Hurricane Season And High Winds


With hurricane season here, you want to prepare your home for severe weather. This means doing the maintenance and repairs that are needed to ensure your home does not endure more damage than necessary. You want to inspect your roof and do any small repairs, as well as prepare yourself with emergency materials for damage. Here are some tips to help prepare your roof and home for hurricane season and high winds:

12 September 2018

Commercial Skylight Options


With proper installation and maintenance, skylights can be a useful addition to a commercial building. Simply adding a skylight to your building can raise the building's appraisal value, reduce your energy costs, reduce maintenance costs for electrical lighting, and improve the environment and boost productivity in offices. Although many people are familiar with the traditional skylight that has been around for years, there are many more options available. Modern skylight options do much more than let natural light into your building.

31 August 2018

Top Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Out Your Home's Gutters


Keeping gutters cleaned is essential to maintaining the health of your roof and foundation. If your gutters are clogged or dirty, water will not be able to properly run off of your roof and exit through the downspout to be diverted away from the foundation. But, cleaning your gutters can be a difficult job, which is why you may want to hire a professional. There are multiple gutter cleaning services in most cities and towns, making it easy to hire a professional.

30 July 2018

Does Shingle Manufacturer Matter When Installing A Roof?


There are several manufacturers of roofing shingles, so you may be spoiled for choice when the time comes to replace your roof. While some people swear by one brand or another, the reality is that there are a few major differences between the major manufacturers. Here are some of the ways in which roofing shingles differ by manufacturer. The Shingles' Consistency Some manufacturers produce inconsistent shingles that are difficult to install and lead to a lot of waste.

18 July 2018

How To Handle A Flat Roof Repair Project The Right Way


Having a flat roof on a structure offers a lot of convenience, but it also presents its own set of unique challenges when it comes time to fix it. It's wise to fully assess the situation before moving forward with a project. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started. Identify the Problem The remedy in any flat roof repair effort is largely dictated by the nature of the issue, so you want to take a close look at what's going on.

26 June 2018

How To Repair Fascia Boards


A roof that is not properly maintained can start to look old very quickly. This is particularly true when it comes to your roofline, specifically the fascia board. The fascia board is made out of wood, and it is harshly exposed to the sun. Obviously, some fascia boards on your home are going to wear down more dramatically than others because of how much sunlight or moisture they receive. This article explains why it is so important to maintain your fascia board, and how to best do it.

4 June 2018

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Commercial Roof This Spring


The spring is a great time to get up on your commercial roof and take care of business. The weather in the spring is mild enough to allow you to get up on your commercial roof and take care of necessary maintenance and care. #1 Clean off Your Roof With a commercial roof, you want to keep things clean. Over time, your commercial roof can get dirty. You don't want mold or dirt to be covering your roof.

20 May 2018