Keeping Cool While Securing Your Home - Roofing Options For Warm Climates


If you live in a warm climate, you know the struggle of trying to keep your house comfortable against all of the outside pressures. What you might not know, however, is that those pressures can be alleviated by improving your roof. Though you may not realize it, a large amount of your conditioned air could be escaping through your roof, driving up your costs and driving down your comfort. Thankfully, there are roofing solutions offered by companies like Emerald Roofing that can help guarantee you don't have to suffer through those struggles.

4 June 2017

3 Things To Consider When It Comes To An Aging Roof


No matter how well a roof is built, it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Aging roofs can be especially difficult for homeowners to deal with. It can be difficult to determine whether repair or replacement is the right decision. Repair is less expensive than replacement, however, it's only a temporary fix. On the opposite hand, replacement is expensive enough that most homeowners will want to avoid it until it's necessary.

23 May 2017

Understanding The Problem Of Asphalt Shingle Thermal Cracking


If you have your asphalt shingle roof installed several years ago or even five or seven years ago, then you may be surprised to see some cracks appearing in the shingles. While cracks are a common issue, they are sometimes the result of something called thermal cracking. This is an issue that can develop due to defective shingles. Keep reading to learn about the problem and what you can do about it.

18 May 2017

3 Tips For Buying New Siding


To make sure that you are able to get the most out of your home, it always pays to upgrade it accordingly. One of the greatest upgrades that you can make is to purchase a set of siding that makes your home look wonderful and protects the siding. When you are looking to get the most out of this siding installation, consider the benefits of shopping for new siding, look into the type of siding that will serve your home the best, and reach out to a siding installation contractor that can serve you.

7 May 2017

Things To Know About A Flat Metal Roof


Are you a new business owner that recently purchased a building for serving customers? If you ended up having to replace the flat metal roof after the becoming the owner of the building, it is in your best interest to protect it from falling back into a bad condition in an untimely manner. If you don't pay enough attention to the roof, numerous things can happen that might require a large amount of money being invested in repairs.

29 April 2017

3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make With DIY Metal Roofing Repairs


Even though a metal roof can last a long time without problems, occasionally you may be faced with an issue, problem or some form of damage. Because metal roofing is pretty simplistic in design and how it is installed, it is easy to assume that making general repairs should be easy even if you have no professional experience. However, roof repairs are almost always a little more complicated than they appear, even with metal roofs.

29 July 2016

Addressing A Few Questions About Green Roofs


It is an unfortunate fact that a roof has the potential to be a major source of energy efficiency for a home. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that are not aware of the steps that can be taken to improve the performance of their home's roof. In particular, it can be common for individuals to overlook the benefits that can come from upgrading to a green roof. This relatively new style of roofing uses plants to help improve the energy efficiency of a roof.

3 July 2016

2 Important Considerations When Choosing Roofing Materials For A Roof With Dormers


Dormers are architectural protrusions with windows that can add visual interest, additional square footage inside your home, and more natural light inside. Dormers come in varying sizes and shapes that can range from small accent dormers to large dormers that essentially form another story to your home. If you need to replace the roofing materials on your main roof, the dormers will need to figure into the consideration process. What are the important considerations when choosing roofing materials when your roof has dormers?

3 February 2016

2 Tips For Choosing A Roofing Material For A New Hipped Dormer Installation


Have you decided to install hipped dormers on your home to add more living space and natural light to the upper story? The angular, three-sided hipped roof gives these dormers an interesting appearance that can help the dormers better blend in with your main roof. Have you chosen a roofing material for the dormers yet? Believe it or not, the dormer roofs don't always have to perfectly match the main roof's material.

3 February 2016

Flat Roof Drainage Options


Flat roofs are an alternative roofing style that provide a number of unique benefits to a structure, the least of which is an increase in outdoor living space. However, the main problem associated with flat roofs is drainage, as it is extremely easy for water and snow to pool on a flat surface. This can lead to water damage and mold and mildew growth, which can be serious problems for the building.

7 October 2015