The Steps Involved in Getting a New Roof Installed


Having a new roof installed requires some advance preparation but once the work begins, you'll have very little involvement in the process. Your most important task is to determine the type of new roofing material you want. Here's a look at the steps of having a new roof installed.

Choose the Roofing Material

If you already have an asphalt roof, you may wish to have an asphalt replacement roof put on. You could switch to tiles or a metal roof if you want something different, so talk to the roofer about what options are available and the advantages and drawbacks of each. You'll start with a consultation where the roofer shows you samples of different roofing materials so you can choose the right style and color for your house. If you want to stay with the original color, then this step will be easy. However, if you want to change your exterior paint color or get new siding too, then it may be time to update the color of your roof and the roofer can help you do that.

Get an Estimate

Once you know the type of roofing you'll have installed, the roofer goes up on your roof and inspects it for damage to determine what the cost of a new roof will be. Things that affect the cost include whether you'll tear off the old roof and if there's damage to the deck. All costs associated with installing the new roof and disposing of the old roof should be included in the estimate, but go over it carefully so you understand if there could be additional charges.

Get the Permit

You'll probably need a permit from the city to have a new roof installed. The roofing company will probably pull the permit for you and include the cost in your estimate for the roof. Getting a permit could take a few weeks depending on how fast your city issues permits, so factor this into your plans for timing. A permit ensures the roof is installed according to building codes, and a city official will probably inspect the roof once it's complete.

Prepare or The Roof Installation

You may be asked to prepare your property for installation day. This might include moving lawn furniture and decorations out of the way so a dumpster can be placed near your house. You may need to move your cars out of the driveway and keep your pets indoors or take them away for the day. You may want to make arrangements to spend the day elsewhere so the pounding and sound of nail guns don't get on your nerves. You shouldn't need to be home since all the roofing work is done on the outside of your house. Call a roofing team like JCB Roofing to learn more. 


26 February 2019

Understanding Roof Damage and The Need For Repairs

I was concerned that a recent hailstorm might have caused damage to my roof. While inspecting my roof, the roofing contractor noted cracked shingles and granule loss from the impact of the hailstones. I didn't want my roof to start leaking, so I immediately had the damaged shingles replaced. Hi, my name is Troy Blakely and in this blog, you'll find out about the various types of shingle damage. You'll also learn how to determine if you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. I didn't know this information until the roofing contractor explained it to me. Then I decided that I would help other people by spreading the word. A damaged or leaky roof can cause expensive damage to the inside of your home and that's why it's so important to address roof issues as quickly as possible.