Tips for Performing Roof Repairs on a Historic Home


Living in a historic home or community is a unique experience. Not only do you have a beautiful home, but you also have a piece of history. However, to maintain your historic rating, you have parameters, even when it comes to roof repairs. To ensure your repairs meet your needs and also meet the historic guidelines, here is some helpful information you can use. 

Research the Homes' History

When you purchased the home, you should have received a detailed list of any updates made to the property. If the roof is not a part of the original structure of the home and is instead a replacement, you will have more leeway in terms of your replacement options. However, if the roof is a part of the original structure, your options will be more limited. 

Aim to Repair More Than Replace 

Once you discover the issue with your roof, make your goal to repair the roof rather than doing a complete replacement. A roof repair will cause fewer problems than a roof replacement. For example, if the home has a metal roof and there is rust in a small area that has led to a leak, simply replacing the metal in that specific area would keep more the homes' original quality intact. 

Get Permission

Sure, the property is your own, but the price of owning a historic property is the fact that you are held to some standards. If your historic home is under the umbrella of a preservation organization, it's essential you get permission from the organization, even before you make a simple repair to the roof. 

Choose Time-Specific Material

Ideally, you want to choose time-specific materials if the issue with your roof requires a complete replacement. Even with a new roof, a roofing material that is more in line with the age of the home will give the property a more authentic appearance overall and keep the property more historically accurate. 

Document Everything

Ensure you document everything that you do to your home's roof. First, you need to document the reason that you are performing the roof repair or replacement. This bit of information will be helpful if you need to get approval for the job. Second, you also want to list everything that you do to the roof, as well as the repairs. Should you decide to sell the property, the new owner will want this information. 

While any roof repair professional can meet your needs, it's also helpful to find a roofing professional that has specific experience with historic properties. Contact a professional roofing service for more information.


16 January 2019

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