3 Tips For Choosing A Color For Your Home's Metal Roof


When you settle on metal as the new roofing material for your home, the color of the paneling matters more than you might think. You don't want your roof to clash with the rest of your house or discolor part of your siding in a permanent way. Here are some tips to help you pick the right color of metal roofing that looks great and performs well for years to come.

Consider Temperature

The roof's color can impact your indoor air temperature regardless of the material, but metal roofing is particularly prone to this effect. The surface temperature of the metal roof can vary by a 50-60 degree difference between the lightest and darkest colors. The size of your attic and the number of floors in your home will affect exactly how hot the inside of the home will get in the summer if you have a dark roof.

If you live in a shady area and need your home to dry out more, it would be helpful to have a dark colored roof. Since metal conducts heat so well, choosing a light colored roofing will allow you to keep your home cooler during the summer. If you want a dark color to complement your home color, there are extra reflective coatings that can help keep the surface temperature down.

Ask Your HOA

Most people who live in a subdivided neighborhood have a home owner's association. They can limit your options for roof color choices. Check the rules set by your HOA before your final decision on metal roof color. You don't want to have your roof installed just to be fined and made to change the color of your roof. Coatings allow you to conform to the HOA requirements without re-roofing, but it's still an unwanted expense for a brand new metal roof.

Try Bare Metal

If the standard color options of a metal roof aren't for you, leaning into the modern look of bare metal may work better. For the rusted and rustic look, try pre-treated metal that is sealed to keep the rust from continuing to corrode. One problem with real rusted metal roofing is that it can leave rust stains on surfaces that are on the runoff from the roof. Faux rusted roofing gives you the rusted look without any chances of rust stains developing on your soffits or siding. You can also get the look of real patina and aged copper, but some of these roofing products stain despite being sealed.

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19 April 2018

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