Ceramic Roofing Tiles: A Smart Residential Choice


Homeowners in tract home communities are always looking for ways to make their property stand out. Of course, exterior remodels can be expensive, but they could also have a lot of other benefits. For instance, updating your roofing material is going to have a positive change on the style of your exterior. It is also going to improve the functionality of your property by increasing insulation and energy efficiency. If you are looking for a product that is stylish and energy efficient, you should definitely consider ceramic roofing tiles. This article explains why ceramic tiles are such a smart decision.

What Are Ceramic Roofing Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are basically a composite, synthetic material. They are made out of a mixture of concrete, clay, and other natural stone byproducts. They are held together with a lightweight epoxy which makes them stronger, cheaper, and water resistant. The fact that ceramic tiles are lightweight not only helps keep the weight down, it also helps keep the cost down. Most ceramic tiles have some sort of finish or glaze. This further protects the ceramic, but also keep the colors true for longer. Basically, ceramic tiles are perfect for roofing.

Ceramic Tiles Are Great Insulators

It is important to point out that ceramic tiles are made with various levels of insulation. No matter where you live, whether it is somewhere hot or somewhere cold, you should be able to find a ceramic product that is appropriately rated for your climate. Manufacturers usually make their most popular products in every range of insulation. This means that you can find great styles that will make your home more energy efficient by adding insulation.

Ceramic Tile Styles

Ceramic tiles come in a very diverse range of styles, shapes, colors, and prints. Basically, most ceramic tiles are made to replicate a natural material. For instance, you can find ceramic with fake wood prints. You can also find ceramic in all the most popular stone tiles. Of course, there are also solid-colored products that are very popular. These are also usually the most affordable. That is, the more complicated and intricate the finish, the more expensive the product usually is. Obviously, insulation also has a big bearing on the price of any ceramic tile. Tiles with more insulation are also usually thicker, so they cost more. Not only can they make your home stand out with all of the great styles that are available, they are also practical, easy to own, and energy efficient.

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8 February 2018

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