Does The Color Of Roofing Matter?


Architectural styles will differ from one part of the world to another. Roof materials and colors for the most part might be dictated by the style and aesthetic feel the designer or architect wants the building to portray.

However, other than the stunning visual appearance of a roof, color plays an integral role in retaining or repelling heat in a home or commercial building. A roofing contractor will be careful when considering the color of your roof based on the climatic conditions of the area.  Roof colors can greatly impact the overall comfort of a home in terms of temperature and energy efficiency.

Darker Colored Roof Vs Lighter Colored Roof

Generally, darker roof colors absorb more heat and raise the temperature of the interior, whereas lighter colors absorb less heat and lower the interior temperature of your house. Whether light or dark colors are better is dependent on the climate of your area.

For instance during summer, a light colored roof is energy efficient because of low heat absorption translating to a cooler interior. This means that your air conditioner will work less. Clay materials are popular in hot climates for a reason. 

Interestingly, during winter the scenario is flipped over and the opposite holds true. A darker roof will absorb more heat from the sun providing much needed heat to the interior of the house while a lighter colored roof will absorb very little heat leaving the house cold. This quality makes dark colored roofs like slate roofing options more suitable for colder climates that experience longer winters and shorter summers. Lighter colored roofs are great for sunny climates as they repel too much heat.

Does Roof Color Affect Snow Melt?

It is debatable whether dark colored roofs may have a significant effect on snow melt because of their superior ability to absorb heat.

Perhaps the strongest opinion is yes, as long as some parts of the roofing material are not covered in snow. This is because if part of the roof are exposed it can absorb heat and melt the snow. However, if all the roofing material is covered in several layers of snow, then we argue that the sun rays will be deflected by the surface of the snow long before they get through to be absorbed by the dark roof color meaning very little or no effect on snow melt.

Consulting with a certified roofing contractor is vital as he is better able to advise you on the best color shade for your roofing depending on the climatic condition of your area to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency. For more information, contact companies like Premier Tri-state Roofing Inc.


9 January 2018

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