Deck The Halls: How To Protect Your Tile Roof During The Holidays


Go ahead and deck the halls with boughs of holly, but take care when you start decking out your roof, especially if it's tile. Holiday decorations can put you in the festive spirit. However, if you're not careful, those holiday decorations can destroy your roof. Before you start adding decorations to your roof, be sure you take the safety precautions described below.

Assign Someone to Icicle Duty

Winter doesn't just bring the holidays, it also brings plenty of ice and snow. Unfortunately, icicles can do just as much damage to your tiles as those holiday decorations can. Icicles do add a whimsical touch to your home, especially when they sparkle in the sunshine. However, while they're dangling from your tiles, they're also causing damage to the wood decking. They could even be lifting and separating the tiles. To avoid the damage, you should assign someone to icicle duty. That way the icicles can be removed as soon as they form.

Maintain A Walk-Free Zone on the Roof

When you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can walk on it without causing any harm. That makes it much easier to decorate during the holidays. However, when you have a tile roof, you need to maintain a walk-free zone. Unfortunately, walking on tile roofs is unwise for a variety of reasons. First, tile can get slipper when it's wet, which happens a lot during the winter. Second, walking on tile roofs can cause damage to the tiles themselves. In fact, walking on tile can cause them to crack, chip and even crumble. To prevent that type of damage, you should avoid walking your roof to install decorations. Instead, limit the decorations to the edges.

Never Put Holes in Your Tiles

While you're hanging your decorations, you'll want to make sure that they stay put. You may be tempted to use nails, staple guns, or even hooks to secure your decorations. Unfortunately, using those types of fasteners will cause serious damage to your shingles. If you're going to be hanging holiday decorations on your tiles, you'll want to use removable fasteners, which you can find at most home improvement centers. This type of fastener will attach to the edges of your tiles, but can be easily removed once the holidays are over.

Now that the holidays are here, it's time to start decorating your home. Use the tips provided here to protect your tile roof from damage.


19 December 2017

Understanding Roof Damage and The Need For Repairs

I was concerned that a recent hailstorm might have caused damage to my roof. While inspecting my roof, the roofing contractor noted cracked shingles and granule loss from the impact of the hailstones. I didn't want my roof to start leaking, so I immediately had the damaged shingles replaced. Hi, my name is Troy Blakely and in this blog, you'll find out about the various types of shingle damage. You'll also learn how to determine if you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. I didn't know this information until the roofing contractor explained it to me. Then I decided that I would help other people by spreading the word. A damaged or leaky roof can cause expensive damage to the inside of your home and that's why it's so important to address roof issues as quickly as possible.