4 Roofing Improvements To Save Your Home From Storm Damage And Leaks


Homes all over the country are vulnerable to damage from storms and weather, which is why you want to ensure that your roof has as much protection as possible. There are some simple improvements that you can do to ensure that your home is safer from leaks and storm damage. Here are some tips for improvements to make your roof more resilient to any potential damage:

1. Lining Flashing with Membranes to Reduce Leaks

The area of your roof that have flashing are some of the most vulnerable areas of your home. When the flashing becomes worn, it can corrode, which leads to leaks. The metal flashing can also cause damage to roof or nails can puncture it. To give your roof more protection from leaks in some of these vulnerable areas, consider installing a membrane beneath the metal flashing.

2. Reinforcing the Areas That Are Subjected to Excessive Wear

There are also many areas of your roof that are vulnerable to leaks. If you want to prevent damage to your roof from leaks, then these areas you will want to reinforce them. The areas like valleys, walls and eaves where ice dams form need to be reinforced.

3. Regular Inspections and Repairs of Minor Roof Damage on Your Home

There are many different things that can be happen to your roof and damage it. When the damage goes on unrepaired, it can cause serious damage to your home. It is important to have regular inspections of your roof done to ensure that there are not any problems. Contact a roofing contractor to have them inspect your roof, complete any needed repairs and recommend when it is best to replace roofing.

4. Using Roofing Materials That Are High Quality and More Durable

The roofing materials you have installed on your home. Some basic single-tabbed shingles are the cheapest, but they are also less durable and vulnerable to wind damage and other problems. It is a good idea to invest in shingles or roofing materials that have a longer lifetime warranty and are more durable. Higher quality roofing materials will also be more resistant to wind damage from storms.

These are some of the improvements that can be done to ensure that your roof is safer from potential damage caused by leaks and storm damage. Contact a roofing contractor, such as from MW Roofing LLC, to help with repairs and improvements that need to be done to your roof. 


18 September 2017

Understanding Roof Damage and The Need For Repairs

I was concerned that a recent hailstorm might have caused damage to my roof. While inspecting my roof, the roofing contractor noted cracked shingles and granule loss from the impact of the hailstones. I didn't want my roof to start leaking, so I immediately had the damaged shingles replaced. Hi, my name is Troy Blakely and in this blog, you'll find out about the various types of shingle damage. You'll also learn how to determine if you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. I didn't know this information until the roofing contractor explained it to me. Then I decided that I would help other people by spreading the word. A damaged or leaky roof can cause expensive damage to the inside of your home and that's why it's so important to address roof issues as quickly as possible.