Wood Shingles Vs. Tile Roofing


Updating your roof is a smart investment because it can have so many potential knock-on effects. Besides drastically improving the exterior style of your property, it can also make your house more energy efficient, it can end water leaks, and it can stabilize your roofing structure. Of course, not all roofing products are one and the same.

Concrete or Clay Tiles

Concrete and clay tile roofs are popular because they generally outlast all of the other common residential roofing materials. Many tile manufacturers offer 50-year warranties on their products, so you know they are built to last. Tile is certainly a better choice in climates that are more severe, whether they be especially hot or cold. For instance, snow will slide off of tile more easily, without penetrating surfaces and dramatically affecting the temperature of your roof's interior. Overall, it will be easier to keep your home warm during the winter with tile. Tile is also great in hot, sunny climates because it deflects the sun rays and doesn't absorb as much of the heat.

Many people love the style of tile roofs, and there are definitely a wider variety of styles to choose from. The biggest factor is the shape of the individual tile pieces. Roman tiles are popular and great for patterned roofs. Modern roof tiles have a more angular cut. You can use several different tile shapes to create a Spanish-style roof. There are basically endless combinations when it comes to tile shape, color, and pattern.

Wood Shingles (or Shakes)

First of all, when it comes to wood roofing products, you will often hear the terms shingles and shakes used. These are essentially the same thing, so don't get confused. (This article will be using the term shingles going forward.) Wood shingles usually only last about half as long as roofing tiles (i.e., 25 years).

Wood shingles are loved because they have a more rustic feel. Many people choose wooden roofs because they already have so many other wood features on the outside of their house, so it seems to match more naturally. Another good thing about wood shingle roofs is that they can be painted and stained. It is an intense remodel, but a great way to completely redefine your roof style without a huge monetary investment.

In the end, tile roofs are definitely more practical than wood shingles. The maintenance costs are cheaper and they last much longer.


9 September 2017

Understanding Roof Damage and The Need For Repairs

I was concerned that a recent hailstorm might have caused damage to my roof. While inspecting my roof, the roofing contractor noted cracked shingles and granule loss from the impact of the hailstones. I didn't want my roof to start leaking, so I immediately had the damaged shingles replaced. Hi, my name is Troy Blakely and in this blog, you'll find out about the various types of shingle damage. You'll also learn how to determine if you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. I didn't know this information until the roofing contractor explained it to me. Then I decided that I would help other people by spreading the word. A damaged or leaky roof can cause expensive damage to the inside of your home and that's why it's so important to address roof issues as quickly as possible.