What to Consider When Choosing Between Metal & Asphalt Roofing


If you're planning ahead for the time when your home needs a new roof, you have time to decide between if you'll choose metal or asphalt. Each has its advantages, and they are both good choices. However, one or the other may be better suited for your home and your finances. Here are some things to consider when choosing between the two roofing options.

Initial & Ongoing Expenses

If you need to save money on the initial cost of the roof, then asphalt is probably the best way to go since those roofs cost less than metal roofs. If you're willing to spend more at the start and save money over the life of the roof, then metal would be a better choice. Metal roofs last much longer than asphalt roofs. If you stay in your home for the rest of your life, you may never have to put on another roof when you choose metal. Plus, metal is durable so it needs fewer repairs and less upkeep over the years.

Effects of Weather Extremes

Extreme, violent weather will destroy about anything in its path, however, metal usually stands up better to strong winds and hail. Large hail may dent metal, but it doesn't do as much damage to the structure of the roof as hail does with asphalt. Hail cracks asphalt shingles and knocks off protective granules. An asphalt roof may need to be replaced after a hailstorm. Metal roofs also fare better under huge amounts of snow.

Snow will slide off the smooth metal much easier than it will slide from a rough asphalt roof. Plus, standing seam metal roofs cut up the snow blanket so individual pieces can slide off. Metal is also more protective of your home in dry areas that are prone to fires. Since fires tend to jump from roof to roof, having a fire-resistant metal roof can save your home from a wildfire or neighborhood fire.

Roof Appearance

Asphalt roofs are the most popular roofing choice for homeowners. You may be more comfortable with the appearance of an asphalt roof and feel like you want a traditional roof so your home blends in with the neighborhood. The standing seam metal roofs are somewhat reminiscent of barn roofs, but if you don't like that look, you can choose from a metal roof stamped into shakes, shingles, or tiles. From a distance, these look like the real materials that they mimic.

Making the choice between a metal roof and an asphalt roof is not always easy because each has an upside. Get quotes through companies like Christianson Roofing INC for thoughts and advice about how well each type of roof performs in your local area. In the end, it may come down to your budget, personal taste, and how well the new roof complements your home.


28 June 2017

Understanding Roof Damage and The Need For Repairs

I was concerned that a recent hailstorm might have caused damage to my roof. While inspecting my roof, the roofing contractor noted cracked shingles and granule loss from the impact of the hailstones. I didn't want my roof to start leaking, so I immediately had the damaged shingles replaced. Hi, my name is Troy Blakely and in this blog, you'll find out about the various types of shingle damage. You'll also learn how to determine if you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. I didn't know this information until the roofing contractor explained it to me. Then I decided that I would help other people by spreading the word. A damaged or leaky roof can cause expensive damage to the inside of your home and that's why it's so important to address roof issues as quickly as possible.