Keeping Cool While Securing Your Home - Roofing Options For Warm Climates


If you live in a warm climate, you know the struggle of trying to keep your house comfortable against all of the outside pressures. What you might not know, however, is that those pressures can be alleviated by improving your roof. Though you may not realize it, a large amount of your conditioned air could be escaping through your roof, driving up your costs and driving down your comfort.

Thankfully, there are roofing solutions offered by companies like Emerald Roofing that can help guarantee you don't have to suffer through those struggles. Below, you'll find a guide to some roofing options for warm climates that should allow you to stay cool and comfortable and should guarantee that the investment you make in improvements pays off many times over:

Terra Cotta

Perhaps the most efficient roofing material for warm climates is not a new material, but rather one that has existed for many generations. Popular throughout the American southwest, terra cotta roofs use layouts that maximize airflow and naturally insulating clay to form a protective barrier around your home.

One major advantage of terra cotta tiles is that they don't fade or become damaged after exposure to the sun. This can make them incredibly appealing if you're also concerned about maintaining your curb appeal and can give your home a cultured appearance that many people desire.

Solar Panels

If you have concerns about wasting energy in a warm climate, then you may see major benefits from generating your own. Installing a solar panel system on your roof can allow you to absorb potentially hazardous sunlight and turn it into a profitable enterprise.

In some jurisdictions, you may even be able to sell surplus solar energy back to your utility company for a profit. In other cases, you may receive a tax benefit for embracing green technology. Whatever the external benefits, one thing you can be sure of is that your home will have a much more moderate temperature.

Green Roofing

For urban homeowners, it can be a real struggle to find a comfortable green space that will allow you to enjoy strong trees and natural beauty. If you fall into this category, consider the benefits of bringing such a space directly to your roof. Layered roofing materials that are specifically designed to encourage plant growth can offer you shade while simultaneously securing your home. This represents an environmentally conscious development in roofing that also helps to solve a fairly serious concern.


4 June 2017

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