2 Tips For Choosing A Roofing Material For A New Hipped Dormer Installation


Have you decided to install hipped dormers on your home to add more living space and natural light to the upper story? The angular, three-sided hipped roof gives these dormers an interesting appearance that can help the dormers better blend in with your main roof.

Have you chosen a roofing material for the dormers yet? Believe it or not, the dormer roofs don't always have to perfectly match the main roof's material. There are a few factors you can keep in mind to help you choose the best roofing material for a hipped dormer.

Ground Visibility

Is your main roof hard to see from the ground, but the dormer roofs will be visible? Then you have the perfect situation to use whatever type of roofing material you would like to on the dormers. You can even use a higher cost material such as slate or clay tile since the dormer roofs are relatively small.

Is the main roof fairly visible from the ground? If the main roof is also low, such as a one and a half story house, you might want to go ahead and perfectly match the roofing material between the dormers and the main roof. Any differences will be more obvious with this setup since both roofs are so clearly and closely visible.

Or is the main roof visible but higher up? You aren't as constricted in matching. You can choose a material that is a close match in either texture or color, but the match doesn't have to be perfect. An example would be having a main roof done with gray asphalt tiles but then using gray slate tiles on the dormer roofs.

Waterproofing the Angles

Hipped roofs have a steep slope on each side that helps water run off the roof and down towards your gutters. But the sharp angles where each side meets the next, and then the angles where the dormers meet your main roof, can all pose a waterproofing concern. It is hard for traditional shingles or shakes to make a watertight seal around that type of corner.

Your roofing contractor can solve this problem by installing flashing around the corners. Flashing is a type of metal roofing supplement that can waterproof difficult areas such as corners, chimneys, and vent pipes and ensure that water doesn't end up under your roofing material or inside your home.

You can also opt to use metal roofing as your all-over dormer roofing for the best waterproofing protection. Metal roofing can be fabricated in a variety of patterns and colors for better matching with your main roof, if necessary.

For more information, contact a roof contractor in Winnipeg or your area.


3 February 2016

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