2 Important Considerations When Choosing Roofing Materials For A Roof With Dormers


Dormers are architectural protrusions with windows that can add visual interest, additional square footage inside your home, and more natural light inside. Dormers come in varying sizes and shapes that can range from small accent dormers to large dormers that essentially form another story to your home. If you need to replace the roofing materials on your main roof, the dormers will need to figure into the consideration process.

What are the important considerations when choosing roofing materials when your roof has dormers? Here are a few factors to discuss with your roofers.

Curb Visibility

When someone mentions the curb appeal of your home, the term means how the home looks to someone standing on the ground looking towards your house from the street. Focusing on your home's curb appeal is a way to put the home's best face forward and to eventually attract buyers if you plan to sell.

Choosing an attractive roofing material can impact curb appeal if your home has a low roof that's highly visible from the ground. If your main roof is visible, there's a good chance the dormer roofs are visible, too. So you will want to go with an attractive material on both the main roof and the dormers.

Consider using slate or wood for the most elegant look. Slate is lower maintenance and more durable but also costlier. Wood is more vulnerable to damage if you live in an area that experiences regular freeze-thaw cycles, which can warp the wood. But wood does have a lower price tag and you might prefer its warmer, textured appearance.

Roof isn't visible from the ground? You can focus on other aspects and even save some money by using a low maintenance and affordable roofing material like asphalt.

Waterproofing Needs

Your roofing contractor will discuss the best roofing materials for the pitch of your particular roof. The best match is a material that will best help the roof drain off rainwater or melting snow and minimize the risk of that water getting trapped on your roof. An example would be using metal roofing on a house roof with a low pitch as the valleys in the metal can better help the water run off the roof and into the gutters.

If you have dormers, there might be additional waterproofing concerns. If the dormer roofs, or the area where the dormer meets the main roof, form sharp corners, those corners can prove to be difficult to waterproof with regular roofing materials.

Your roofers might be able to use flashing, which is a type of flexible roofing used to accent other roof materials, to shore up these areas in need of better waterproofing.

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3 February 2016

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