Two Important Flat Roof Preventative Maintenance Questions Answered


Flat roofs are among the most popular options for residential and single storey commercial buildings. Unfortunately, these roofs have needs that the building owner may not know about, and this lack of knowledge can lead to an increased likelihood of experiencing problems. Luckily, informing yourself about the following questions and answers will likely make it easier for you to help your flat roof avoid problems and stay in great condition for as long possible. 

Why Do Leaves Need To Be Removed From A Flat Roof?

As the seasons change, it is possible for a large amount of leaves to start accumulating on the top of your roof. Sadly, many people will severely underestimate the threats that these leaves can pose to their roof. Over time, it is possible for this problem to lead to your roof developing rot and moss. In addition to making leaks more likely, these problems can also make the roof more likely to experience a structural collapse, which can result in substantial repair costs and injuries. 

Due to the problems that these leaves can pose, you are encouraged to clean the roof every year after the trees have lost their leaves. The easiest way to do this is by using a high-pressure garden hose or pressure washer to clear away the leaves and any moss that may have started growing. 

How Can You Ensure Water Drains Off The Roof?

Standing water can cause catastrophic problems for flat roofs. Puddles of water on the wood or metal of your roof can quickly compromise its structural integrity. To avoid this problem, you should inspect the roof on a regular basis following a heavy rainstorm. If you notice standing pools of water, you should inspect the site to determine whether there is an indentation present. 

When an indentation in the roof is present, you will need to patch it as soon as possible, because standing water will occur after every storm until this happens. This can be done without professional help by using a roof leveling kit. These kits contain a filler material that can be use to even out the roof. When this has been done, the water will be unable to absorb through it, and it will flow towards the edges of the roof again. 

Flat roofs are a common choice because of their aesthetic appeal and affordability. However, these roofs are prone to encountering some problems that may lead to significant damage to the home. By understanding the answers to these important flat roof preventative maintenance questions, you will be able to help ensure that your roof stays problem free. 

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19 March 2015

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