Warranties Are Not All The Same: The Differences Among Different Commercial Roofing Warranties


If you need to have your commercial building re-roofed, one of the factors that you may be looking at when selecting a roof material is the length of warranty that the new material comes with. While it is important to consider the length of the warranty, there are many other factors in regards to the warranty that you also need to be aware of and consider when deciding which roofing material has the best warranty for your commercial building.

30 November 2017

Five Tips To Help You Determine If Your Roof Is Damaged From Hail


Hail roof damage occurs more often than you might think and it can be expensive to repair. Luckily, it's something that is typically covered on your homeowners insurance. However, it can be challenging to determine whether or not you actually need it. Here are five tips to help you determine whether or not this is the case: Get Your Roof Professionally Inspected: After a hail storm, you need to have your roof professional inspected.

17 November 2017

3 Tips For Exterior Storm Damage


With many states getting hit hard by storms, you need to make sure you're doing everything to protect your household. By keeping your house in line after some storm damage restoration, you're not only protecting the value, you're also making the most of your quality of life. If you are thinking about handling some storm damage issues to your home's structure, it's important for you to follow some solid rules. Start with the three below and begin touching base with a repair professional that can look out for you.

8 November 2017

Three Popular Roofing Tiles


Redoing your roof is going to completely change the way the outside of your house looks. There are so many great roofing choices on the market that can be a little bit overwhelming. Tile roofs are probably the most popular, but there are a lot of different types of tile, and they have some important differences. This article looks at some of the most common materials used for the construction of roofing tiles.

26 October 2017

Did Your Elderly Loved One's House Get Hit By A Storm? Check For These Signs Of Roof Damage


Your mom's house holds wonderful childhood memories, and you are thankful that she has a safe place to shelter during serious storms. However, you know that this last storm seemed worse than her community has dealt with in the past. Make sure to check her roof for these signs of potential damage so that you have time to help her get it repaired before the next seasonal storm hits her area.

17 October 2017

Choosing The Right Roofing Material


When you remodel your roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. Not only do you want a product that is stylish and affordable, you also need to think about the energy efficiency of the material you choose. This article compares several of the most popular roofing materials; looking at their style, maintenance needs, and energy efficiency: Wood Shingles Wood shingles are a traditional, yet smart choice for residential roofs.

6 October 2017

Four Roofing Upgrades To Consider


The roof gets damaged over time due to various reasons. In dire situations, such as heavy rainfall or snowstorm, the most important thing that you need is a stable roof over your head. When the roof of your house is not properly taken care of, inspected for damages and fixed permanently, the aftermath can be worse. A roofing contractor can tell you what upgrades you must do to minimize the deterioration of your roof and keep it secured for a very long time.

27 September 2017